Pune Police Public School



It is a well-known fact that children’s training in the early years goes a long way towards preparing them for difficult academics and life tasks they are required to master later. The early experiences influence how children develop, learn, cope with stress, and react to the world around them.

Early Childhood Education has acquired new dimensions in the modern age largely due to an explosion of knowledge, uplift given to women’s education, erosion of the joint family system and emphasis on self-reliance.

Pune Police Public School, started in the year 2003, is an English medium SSC School under the management of Symbiosis and Pune Citizens’ Police Foundation (PCPF); it offers education from Nursery to the Std.X PPPS was a brain child of Police Commissioner of Pune, Shri. A.N.Roy (2002-2004). He wanted a quality English medium school for the police personnel’s children at affordable fees, which led to the creation of a KG section followed by natural growth extension to Std. X

The pre-primary curriculum is and activity based and skill oriented curriculum, where the basic components is hands-on learning aimed at creating joy and happiness while acquiring knowledge .Since children learn best through carefree exploration of their environment. The essence of our kindergarten curriculum lies in providing children with adequate, appropriate, and diverse first hand sensorial experiences based on their fundamental and development needs. Our activities are strategically planned and the focus is holistic development through five areas of learning as follows:-

Physical /Motor Skills:-

This area looks at supporting children in using their senses and bodies to explore the world around them and make connections between new and existing knowledge.

Personal, Social & Emotional skills:-

This area looks at developing a sense of identity, social skills and respect for others and a positive disposition to learning. The child’s experience at home, in school and outside contributes to personal, social & emotional development.

Language/Communicative Skills:-

This area looks at supporting children’s developing competence in listening and understanding as well as speaking and communicating while using these skills in a range of situations.

Numeracy Skills: -

This area introduces mathematics through understanding simple concepts and facts, in a way that makes it interesting and intriguing for a preschool learner.

Creative/Aesthetic Skills: -

This area looks at supporting children in developing their creativity through art, music, movement, story-telling and drama to express their thoughts, emotions and imaginations.

Hand-on, active experiences, excursions and field trips and audio-visual teaching aids are vital components of our curriculum.

All the classrooms are well-planned, airy, bright and well equipped with modern teaching aids. The school has ample out-door space for a playground and garden.