Pune Police Public School


                                                           Highlights of the school

   1) The lush, green environment is conducive for a stress-free learning environment
   2)Attractive, colorful, large, bright, airy, graphically designed classrooms
   3)Huge playground
   4)50% reservation to children of police personnel
   5)Teacher student ratio is 1:20 and one helper in each class
   7)Remedial teaching for students.
   8)Systematic, carefully-planned first hand experiences of objects and events
   9)Child centered books and notebooks creatively designed by teachers
   10)Workshops for teachers and parents
   11)Huge well equipped kitchen
   12)Sumptuous, nutritious snacks.
   13)Safe and pure filtered drinking water
   14)Medical checkup and health insurance for all students as well as staff members.
   15)Emergency health facility at Symbiosis Health centre.
   16)Field trips and fun filled picnics for all the classes.
   17)Celebration of all festivals irrespective of caste and religion.
   19)100% participation in Annual Sports and Annual Social Gathering