Pune Police Public School

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To create a system of excellence in all areas along with academics, understanding, nurturing and grooming children into good citizens, is what the school aims at.


The Pune Police Public School provides quality education, through a stimulating and enriching environment. The experiential learning helps the students to develop intellectual, psychological, social, emotional, physical and ethical facets. The school creates a budding platform for the intermingling ofthe young children of police and other citizens, true to the concept of "Symbiosis" which means coming together of two organizations for mutual benefit.

The Pune Police Public School (PPPS) is an English Medium School under the management of Symbiosis. It is a unique project of the Pune Citizen’s Police Foundation (PCPF), the first of its kind in Maharashtra, probably one of its kinds in India. Here we create a common platform for intermingling of the children of police personnel and those drawn from other sections of society, true to the concept of “Symbiosis”, which means the coming together of two organisms for mutual benefit. The school has 50% seats reserved for the Police children. We are proud to announce that our school has successfully completed 12 years and is growing in leaps and bounds. As we are strong supporters of experiential learning, we believe in giving students hands on experiences. Here children learn best where they are provided with, an encouraging and stimulating environment, motivated with love, care and understanding and not just rote learning.